Pathway Communications Ltd Privacy Policy
September 2015


In the course of providing its services Pathway Communications may collect personal information about its clients. The purpose of the Privacy Policy to ensure that clients are aware of what information may be collected and how it may be used.

This policy may be reviewed and updated from time to time. Any amendments will be posted on our web sites and sent to you via the last email address that you gave us. Any amendments will be effective from the date we post the updated Policy on the website or send the email. You may object to changes within 20 days of the Policy being posted on our web site or posted to you, in which case none of the proposed changes will be effective with respect to information that we have already collected from you, but will apply only to information that we collect in the future. If you object to any changes in our Privacy Policy we may have to terminate your account.

Effective date

This Privacy Policy is effective with respect to any data that we collect or have collected about and/or from you.


If you have any questions or comments or you wish to update, delete or change any personal information you have submitted via our web sites please use our contact us form to get in touch.


Information we collect

When you register to use our service or request information or send us an email you are giving us information that we collect. This may include your IP address, your name, physical address, email address and phone number as well as other details such as your gender and occupation. By giving us this information you consent to us collecting and storing this information only as described in our Privacy Policy.

Information from your use of the service

We may get information about how and when you use our service and this may include your IP address, time, date, browser used and actions taken by you within the service.