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Enabling better patient care

Using advanced statistical tools and real NHS data we support NHS commissioners in developing efficient services to improve patient's lives.

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Enabling better patient care

Pathway Communications team has an excellent understanding of the issues facing the NHS today and we know how to use advanced analytical tools and techniques such as simulation, forecasting and data mining to help the NHS improve patient services.

The research and analysis carried out by our experts is of the highest standard and is published in top academic journals around the world.

We aim to bring clarity to complex situations by making it easy for our clients to understand the impact change has on demand, capacity and resources. We work with our clients to translate these changes into action to improve services for patients in the NHS.

Healthcare Analytics

Understand your patient pathway

Data is of no use until it is turned into information. At Pathway Communications we are experts at unpicking the complex NHS data set and turning it into useful information aimed at improving how the patient consumes scarce NHS resources.

We stretch far beyond just counting and adding up; we are able to discern patterns within the data that can lead insight for patients and other pathway stakeholders.

We are able to link the NHS data set to sophisticated forecasting software to accurately predict demand for services at the touch of a button.

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Patient Pathway Simulation

Understand the impact of decisions in commissioning

As demand for services rises, with no immediate increase in funding, commissioners, service leads and NHS suppliers are under greater pressure to show how services, products and processes can be improved to provide better value for money.

Our approach to simulation of patient pathways allows an in depth study of the impact of change. We capture, and visually display events, such as consultation, diagnosis, treatment, medication, disease progression, assessment and all the resources these consume over a period of time. Using local data our simulations show the true impact of change on key metrics, so they can be easily understood by everyone.

Disease Areas

Hospital Simulation

Forecast demand for services to enable better planning and decision making

Using sophisticated statistical techniques we can accurately predict future demand for hospital services to a minimum of 90% accuracy. Using these predictions together with our simulations we can identify future bed occupancy, theatre utilisation slots, clinic slots and staffing levels together with the associated costs, which enables hospitals to improve planning and decision making of patient services.

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Hospital Departments

Making It Happen

Explore possibilities and implement change

Using our simulations and our clients local data we examine in detail, the impact of change on key metrics for our clients and their 'what if' scenarios.

For example:

  • What if there was an increase in demand for services? What would happen to activity levels, staff time or costs?
  • What if we ran an extra clinic session? How many more patients could we treat, and how much would it cost?
  • What if we changed the treatment options for some patients? What impact would this have on resources?

We work with our clients to explore different scenarios to identify efficiencies in patient pathways. We support our clients by using this information to make a case for change for CCG and hospital boards.

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